Monitor data-driven farming with drones

How could an interface look like to monitor big data for precision agriculture with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) such as drones could soon enhance the data-driven agriculture with fleets or swarms of autonomous drones for monitoring tasks but also for active work such as crop spraying or planting. A self-initiated interface concept presents some visual ideas.


Introducing a drone Air-Traffic System

Delivered real-time data could visualize patterns exposing irrigation problems to soil variation or pest, bacterial and fungal infections.

Besides precise satellite pictures, airborne cameras could provide hyper spectral, multi spectral and thermal images to analyze healthy/distressed plants, chlorophyll- and nitrogen-levels, and more.

All drones assign their tasks autonomously and the user adjusts the spraying and fertilizing strategy.


The user will be informed about unforeseen events and can intervene accordingly.

Selected works