What's the export potential for ... ?

A tool to spot products, markets and suppliers with (untapped) export potential as well as opportunities for export diversification.

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The International Trade Center – a joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the United Nations – requested a tool to showcase the results from their export potential and diversification assessment methodology. 

With data for 221 countries and territories and 4,074 products, the Export Potential Map provides detailed and practical information for trade advisers and policymakers around the world. The task was to concept, design and implement customizable and shareable visualizations as well as provide an interface to access the data.

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At first, the user can ask a simple question: "What is the export potential for... product/market/exporter ?".
Afterwards we're providing custom data visualizations to explore the data.

The tool provides a lot of detailed and practical information concerning export potential and diversification. Therefore, the information architecture focuses first on categories such as product, market or exporter and secondly on one combination, e.g. of product and market. The results are presented with custom data visualizations and filter options.

New visualizations for trade development with radial dendrograms, maps with force-layout, gap charts and treemaps.

Different, custom data visualizations for the same data set has been designed to focus on different aspects such as the gap between realized and export potential. Therefore, the user gets different views of the data.

Awarded with the German Design Award 2018 for one of the best web applications.

"An interesting tool that was developed and designed specifically for companies that operate in developing countries, and that helps these firms to achieve success in these regions." – Jury of the German Design Council, read more.