The App For Football Scouts

A custom big data app to analyse all football players, teams and matches worldwide. 

iPad 01iPad 01

The co-founded big data company matchmetrics collects data from every match worldwide and generates unique indicators for players.

A new data-driven digital product was requested to bundle the analysis and interact with the data in a pleasure user experience. The conception, design and build of new features is taking place within the scope of an ongoing partnership.

A responsive, touch-enabled web-app with various data visualizations to see emerging patterns earlier.

The app for football scouts and team managers should focus on an easy-to-use, visually rich and touch-optimised interface to explore the data. Charts like a scatterplot and heatmap provide a macro view and enables the user to dive deeper into the data. 

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Successful usage by Europe's top football clubs on a daily basis.

The app has become the new standard in professional football and is used by various clubs. Furthermore, valuable feedback by top scouts and team managers improve the app.