Radiator is a web-based generative design application that tries to visualise the individual imagination of radio waves. 


Searching a new visual language for the invisible.

Radio radiation can’t be seen by the human eye and besides the scientific visualisations, there isn’t any visual language for this invisible electro-magnetic field. However, the aim of the project was to collect as many different kinds of visualisations as possible and to give radiation a dynamic, visual face.

Asking Questions.

After an intense research, it became clear that the form depends on the observer thus their are many different forms possible. I created a web-based tool to generate custom forms. 
The answer of 7 questions such as ›How would the shape of radiation be?‹ changed the form in real-time. The finished form could be transmitted to an online gallery.


Open-source Supershape.js 

The tool was programmed with the Javascript library Three.js and the WebGL Renderer. The algorithm is based on the superformula, a formula that can be used to describe many complex shapes and curves that are found in nature. 
The code was published as open-source and the project also became a Google Chrome Experiment.

"If you geek out hard enough you could just imagine these coming out of the palm of some radiation-struck superhero’s hand as he harnesses his power before unleashing hell on his nemesis." – Vice

Over 1000 different visualizations has been submitted and the project has been discussed on the international press such as the Vice, Designboom or CreativeApplications. Furthermore, the project became an official Google Chrome Experiment