Radiator – Generative Design Experiments

How can we visualize the invisible? A generative design tool tries to visualize radio waves data.


Radio radiation can’t be seen by the human eye. To find a new visual language and possibly visualize this data in the future, a web-based generative design tool has been created to collect as many kinds of visual forms as possible.


Tool based on seven form-related questions for customization.

The answer to seven questions such as "How would the shape of radiation be?" (rather round or angular) changed the form in real-time. The finished form could be transmitted to an online gallery.

visual Research

Searching a new visual language for the invisible.

In the research phase, we collected as many existing visualizations and categorized them. We found that even in the scientific world, there isn’t a consistent visual language for this invisible electromagnetic field.


Open-sourced published.

The project got a lot of attraction and was the first time that the superformula, an algorithm that can be used to describe many complex shapes that are found in nature, has been coded in Javascript, so I decided to publish the code as open-source. The usage of the JS library Three.js and WebGL were also quite new at that time and convicted Google to make it an official Google Chrome Experiment.


"If you geek out hard enough you could just imagine these coming out of the palm of some radiation-struck superhero’s hand as he harnesses his power before unleashing hell on his nemesis."




Discussed in the international press such as the Vice, Designboom or CreativeApplications.


Selected works