UN-convened Industry Transition &
Green Steel 

Explore how countries and companies are planning to decarbonize heavy industry sectors.


We helped the Stockholm Environment Institute to visualize, compare and highlight key trends of industry transition roadmaps to document the process of reaching net-zero carbon emissions from industry by 2050. Part of the UN-convened initiative Leadership Group for Industry Transition (LeadIT).


Sebastian Lühr (Sadowski)

Flavio Gortana
Azote (Agency Stockholm)


May 2021


for net-zero

Industry accounts for roughly 30 percent of global CO2 emissions. Industrial actors will have to reduce emissions sharply in order for the world to reach the target of the Paris Agreement – to limit global warming to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius.

The website documents the process of the newly founded Leadership Group for Industry Transition in terms of visualizing roadmaps across countries and sectors. 

ui/ux design

Overview, detail and compare

First, an overview of all roadmaps summarized by their country is visualized on a map linking to country profile pages. Second, all roadmaps – visualized as cards –  are accessible, leading to roadmap detail pages. Finally, all country and roadmap profiles can be compared side-by-side.



Custom data visualizations

We created a pseudo-3D map combined with donut charts for a global overview and simple grid-based charts to compare data side-by-side.



Launched at UN's COP25 in Madrid


Used by policymakers and researchers around the world.

President Biden announced that the United States will join the initiative in April 2021.

Project has been presented on the Vienna Energy Forum 2021: Industry Integration.

Over 5,000 active users in the first three months of release. 

Selected works