Visualising Travels

A unique aesthetic to visualise trips based on GPS data and geo-tagged pictures.


Internal research project to find a new aesthetic for visualizing travels based on GPS data. A cartogram deforms an automatically generated map with a watercolour-style. 


Sebastian Lühr (Sadowski)


October 2018


Cartogram with a watercolor map

Geo-coordinates of a route deform an automatically generated map to a cartogram: Places where the user has been for a longer or more often time appear larger than other places. Therefore, the cartogram tries to re-generate a mental map the user might have from the trip.


rapid prototyping

Explore your trip and pictures with a digital device.

We developed a prototype to upload a GPS route (yellow line) and GPS-tagged pictures (markers) which will automatically create a unique watercolour map. Tapping on a marker, the user gets more information about a photo taken on a specific place. 

Get a poster of your latest trip.

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