Visualising Travels

A unique aesthetic to visualise leisure travel based on GPS data and geo-tagged pictures. 


On the search of a new approach to visualize leisure travel.

The research project for the University of Applied Science Potsdam deals with a new visualisation aesthetic based on GPS-data.


Deform an automatically generated map to a cartogram based on visited places.

Geo-coordinates of a route deform an automatically generated map to a cartogram: Places where the user has been for a longer or more often time appear larger than other places. Therefore, the cartogram tries to re-generate a mental map the user might have from the trip.


Printing the custom watercolour-style map with the travel route as an unique souvenir.

Besides the iPad app – which included automatically positioned pictures taken on the trip with meta data such as the local weather or a Wikipedia entry – a poster can be exporter and printed to share the travel with others.



Coding a watercolour-style map with the help of Mapnik.

The custom map style has been done with Mapnik and has been influenced by other projects. The GPS data has been included via the Moves API and separated .CSV/.GPX files via Dropbox.